About us

Kulturmeglerne AS is a public relations and communications agency, which specializes in promoting culture and art. Our aim is to show Norwegian culture in the broadest sense; we therefor work with both large and prestigious events, and young, idealistic cultural projects.

Kulturmeglernes specialty is, and has always been, creating interest and awareness through media and online communication. Our extensive network of contacts in the press stretches from national newsrooms to local culture journalists. Our staff has broad experience in journalism and in-depth cultural knowledge. This makes us well equipped to find the uniqueness in your particular story!

Press and information activities

We develop information and press schedules, offer media consulting and take care of press communication. Our in-depth knowledge of journalistic thinking enables us to see how your event will be of interest to the media. We also write and distribute press releases and information materials, as well as help managing press at all kinds of cultural and entertaining events.

Internet and social media

We provide mapping and research regarding your presence in social media, and your online existence in general. We develop strategic plans, offer guidance through workshops, do general maintenance on your social media sites, and can assist with developing mobile apps according to your needs. We emphasize the importance of social media being part of your general information, media and marketing efforts.

Strategic Services and Consulting

We develop complete market and communications strategies, and offer strategic services including reports and surveys. We assist as counselors in processes related to business development, reorganization and improvement of your communication sectors, whether your business is large or small.

Media Training

Being able to communicate clearly and unambiguously when meeting the press is increasingly important. Through education and training you can learn how to understand and master both wanted and unwanted media attention. We use experienced journalists in our customized media training courses.

Project management and Production

We have extensive experience in planning and executing major and minor projects and events. We host press conferences and releases, organizes premiere parties, seminars, courses and workshops. Together with one of the country's most experienced producers, Anne Schinrud, we also provide management and execution of concerts and cultural events in all genres.


We plan, budget and execute campaigns in all measures and sizes. We take care of the whole process, from developing the idea, to choosing the right channels (paid advertisements, press coverage and / or social media) to concluding the campaign.

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