Arctic Frontiers Video Campaign

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If you Google “Arctic” you will primarily find beautiful pictures of nature, snow and ice, polar bears and reindeer. Arctic Frontiers wants to shift the narrative about the Arctic. This is where we work and live. Where we go to school, play sports and make music. Here we have large academic institutions, innovative businesses and vibrant cities. The Arctic is a place where people live and learn.  

Arctic Frontiers is launching this video campaign to start the process of shifting the narrative by showing Arctic faces, the urban and rural spaces in which we live and the opinions we have. This video campaign is aimed at capturing the voices of the children and adults, students and professionals, citizens and newcomers who live in the Arctic. We want to hear from people in a short video where they share their unique experience of living in the Arctic. In addition to the video, we also want our contributors to answer one of the following questions: 

·        What do you love about living in the Arctic?  

·        What is important for you to settle down in the Arctic?  

·        What is needed to secure sustainable economic development in the Arctic?  

The videos, together with the answers will be edited into several small videos, building bridges between people, professions and opinions from the across the circumpolar region. The next step of this campaign is to bridge people’s opinions with the opinions of high-level speakers that are scheduled to attend Arctic Frontiers 2021. 

The first three videos submitted from each of the eight countries, will receive one free ticket to Arctic Frontiers 2021. The Arctic family will meet digitally from February 1 – 4 2021. You can either use the ticket yourself or give it to someone else. 

Through outreach activities and with competent and committed partners on Arctic issues, Arctic Frontiers sets the agenda, providing a respected platform for discussions that explore the inextricable linkages between policy, business and science that contribute to resilient Arctic communities and responsible and sustainable economic development.   

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