Two decades with flying ideas

20 May 2019 av

Kulturmeglerne has just passed 20 years and with this in mind, we graciously step out of our vague teens and into adulthood. Therefore it is only right that we change our suit.

Since the beginning in 1997, the media landscape has been through tremendous changes. We’ve followed trends, developments, changes and made sure our costumers always got the most up-to-date offers. As a 20th birthday gift to ourselves we wanted to give our profile a long-awaited upgrade. So of course, we called our designer friends in Tank to tailor our new suit. They delivered a new logo, fonts and dashing colors for us to build our website on, with help from the talented Marta Dobrzynska, and from this day forward will be a continuous part of our digital presence.

We admit, it is a bit sad to say goodbye to our yellow bulb with wings that have taken us to new heights, but we are now ready to look ahead with a modern, colorful and exciting new profile.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Welcome to Kulturmeglerne 2.0.