Privacy policy

This website is owned and operated by Kulturmeglerne AS, hereafter refferd to as KM. Contactinformation for KM can be found at the end of this privacy statement.

Privacy and cookies
KM wants to give you a comfortable and personal experience here at kulturmeglerne.no. In Order to do this, we use cookies to store small text files with relevant information in your browser.

Third-party cookies
KM collaborates with third-party partners that track the use of the website, (e.g Facebook and Google), and gives us the opportunity to show relevant advertisement to people who visits our website.

Processing of personal data
As a user of kulturmeglerne.no, you allow us to register and process personal information about you and your activities here on our website. We only use this information to provide you with relevant offers and recommendations.

What are cookies?
Cookies are small text files with information that a website can store and read again. This text file is used to identify the same browsers that ask for different content on the website, and we can thus get an idea of ​​how the audience uses our website. All data is anonymised and we cannot use this data to identify you.

How long do we store cookies?
Cookies that we put in your browser are stored for a number of months depending on the purpose of the different cookies. Each time you visit our website, the period is extended and they are automatically removed when they expire.

What do we use cookies for?
We use cookies to compile statistics on how the website is used, through the Google Analytics analysis tool. This allows us to change the website so that it becomes more user-friendly.

How can you turn off tracking?
There are several ways to turn off cookies, and you can read more about cookies at Nettvett.no: https://nettvett.no/slik-administrer-du-informatieskapsler/

Google Analytics Specific:
Here you can turn off cookies from Google Analytics: https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout

Contact information:
CEO of Kulturmeglerne.no: Kjersti Vikør
mail: kjersti.vikor@kulturmeglerne.no
tel: 959 10 654