Digital services

We have extensive and in-depth knowledge about our most important and efficient channels for communication – the digital ones. Kulturmeglerne offer everything from analysis, strategy and consulting, to content production and digital advertising.

We produce, adjust and optimize content for our clients. We can also provide a landing page – a simple page for a specific campaign, or a more complex website, prepare publication plans and strategies, operate channels and pages for a brief or longer period. We can also plan, run and optimize campaigns of all sizes – from simple “boosting” to advanced targeted advertisement in multiple steps in different channels and media outlets. If desired, we would love to host a course on how to use digital- and social media!

Our content production extends from text, film, photo, streaming to graphic design. We can assist with your website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn, YouTube, and also Google – both organically and paid visibility in all channels.

Contact person
Hilde Crone Leinebø